CopPure for Sanya Sleep



10 Year Warranty

Made in America

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6″ Core: 1.8 lbs 45 IFD
1″ Copper Talalay Latex 19ILD
2″ Nu-Temp Next Gen Copper Memory foam
1.5″ Support Layer 1.5lbs

Cover: Cotton-Poly Circular knit with Copper yarn

There is an emerging market for Copper Bedding because new studies show it resists electric magnetic fields (cell phones, internet) which interrupt sleep.

Copper is also well known for its health benefits.  Copper has been known to improve circulation, relieve joint pain and ease the effects of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Copper transmits temperature away from your body better than any other material infused into foam helping you to sleep cooler.  Have you ever felt a copper pipe at room temperature then run hot or cold water through it?….the temperature changes instantly.  Copper helps to maintain proper sleeping temperature by allowing excessive heat to move through the foam and away from your body.


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